Saturday, November 17, 2012

The End of an Era

It has been two years and two months since we moved to Germany.

And today we finally ran out of the kitchen foil, which had been packed with our other belongings into the moving van in Finland....

Erään aikakauden loppu: kaksi vuotta ja kaksi kuukautta muutostamme Saksaan ja nyt loppui muuttokuorman mukana Suomesta tullut Elmu-kelmurulla

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Less Is More

I'm not sure how to take this, but it seems that the less I write, the more visitors my blog gets...

The downside of people finding a blog is that you get a lot of junk comments. Therefore, I have had to add the word recognition thing to the commenting part of my blog. I'm sorry for that, as I really love your comments and I'm not happy to make commenting more inconvenient for you.

I'm feeling guilty for not posting here often enough, but I must say that I have really enjoyed my free time. Now that Fräulein is spending about six hours a day in the Krippe (more about that later), I have been able to start the studies, which I had planned for this autumn. That means a lot of reading and listening to the lectures over the web.
Big, heavy books, but I just love them!
Even though the six hours of me-time passes very quickly, I just love to get my thoughts into something completely different. And (I say this although I know you might start to think I'm such a dull person) I just love studying and preparing myself to a test. The first test will be next week and I just can't wait for the feeling which you get after spending four hours writing down everything you have learnt in the last couple of weeks.
Yesterday, I was sitting at Starbucks reading this:
"When you think of being spaces, Starbucks will probably come to your mid.
The coffee chain's stated goal is to become our 'third place',
where we spend the bulk of our time in addition to our home and work."

So try to bear with me - I'm just enjoying the possibility to step out of the Hausfrau mode for a couple of hours each day! :)

Blogini on saanut viime aikoina paljon uusia vierailijoita. Valitettavasti tästä on seurannut, että olen alkanut saada valtavasti roskakommentteja, joiden takia jouduin ottamaan käyttöön kommentoinnin sanatunnistuksen. Pahoitteluni siitä!

Nyt kun Fräulein viettää enemmän aikaa päiväkodissa, olen saanut aloitettua etäopintoni. Ihanaa saada ajatukset johonkin ihan muualle muutamaksi tunniksi päivässä!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Expat Hausfrau's Peek into Local Customs - St. Martin's Day

As an expat Hausfrau, it is sometimes a bit difficult for me to get into the local habits and customs. Fortunately, Fräulein's daycare provides a great connection to German everyday life.

Yesterday, we had the first free-time activity arranged by Fräulein's Krippe. The kindergarten arranged a St. Martin's day procession for children and their paper lanterns.
(I'm sorry for the hideous quality of the photos!)

The small bright spots are the lanterns...

It was already dark at 6pm. when the procession started from Nerotal, so the lanterns looked beautiful. Along the route, there were musicians playing their trumpets. After a short walk, everyone gathered by the local church, where there was a play about St. Martin and some singing.

Fräulein's selfmade lantern
And last but not least, all children got one of these:

It was a great experience not only for Fräulein, but for me, too.

Eilen pääsimme tutustumaan paikallisiin traditiohin, sillä Fräuleinin päiväkodista järjestettiin Martinpäivän kulkue.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's That Time Of Year Again

They have started to build the Christmas Market. The Sternschnuppenmarkt here in Wiesbaden will open on November 27th and you can enjoy the Glühwein until December 23rd.

Wiesbadenin joulumarkkinoita on jo alettu rakentaa. Markkinat ovat avoinna 27.11.-23.12.