Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Third Week In the Krippe

Yes, the acclimatization to the kindergarten is slow... It is Fräulein's fourth week in the Krippe and we are still not done. But there has been some real progress!
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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
After the long weekend, Fräulein was happy to go back to the Krippe. Almost no whining at all, when I left her there and she had been on a good mood and played happily with the other kids. Yay!

It was finally the time for Fräulein to eat her lunch at the Krippe. She didn't actually eat anything, but she sat nicely in her own little chair while the others were eating. When I went to pick her up about an hour later than on previous days, she was crying a bit. When we got home she was very hungry and tired.

The first day when Fräulein did not whine AT ALL when I left her to the Krippe! She just waved and walked to her favorite teacher. Unfortunately, she had not eaten or drunk anything all morning.

Fräulein in her new favorite hobby: running around something

A peek into the fourth week
On Monday, Fräulein had eaten both breakfast and lunch in the Krippe! When I went to pick her up, she was spooning up her soup like all the other kids. Slowly she seems to learn how things are done there.

It was first planned, that Fräulein would take her first Krippe nap on Thursday this week, but as my mother is coming to visit us, it might be best to leave this experiment to next week.

Hiljaa hyvää tulee... Fräuleinin päiväkotipäivät ovat jo pidentyneet tunnilla ja hän syö lounasta hoidossa. Tällä viikolla oli tarkoitus aloittaa myös päikkäreiden nukkuminen päiväkodissa, mutta koska äitini on tulossa loppuviikoksi meille kyläilemään, jätetään tämä uudistus suosiolla ensi viikkoon.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 16, 2010

4:30 am. Herr Welle and I wake up at his parent's house in Finland.

The previous day, we had said goodbye to our Finnish home and left the movers to pack up all our belongings. We only have one luggage each with us, so that we can survive one week in a hotel.

Our 'garden' in Finland
6:00 am. We are ready to get up into Opa Welle's car, as he will drive us to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. While we are standing outside in the crisp autumn air, my cellphone beeps. The husband of my very good friend has sent me a text message: my friend is in the delivery room of their local hospital and is not really enjoying herself.

All the drive to the airport and before boarding the plane, I squeeze my phone waiting for it to beep again. I can almost forget that we are moving to a foreign country, I'm just so excited for my friend.

The flight is over fast and we land on Frankfurt airport. I open my phone and it beeps: my friend has had a little baby girl!

We take a taxi to Wiesbaden and settle into a hotel. The rest of the day is a bit of blur for me, but at least we got ourselves registered as residents in Wiesbaden.

But today is a day of celebration. We have been living in Wiesbaden for two years now! And what is even more important: the little girl, our goddaughter, is now two years old! Happy birthday little princess!

Syyskuun 16. kaksi vuotta sitten oli erityisen tärkeä päivä meille: silloin muutimme Herr Wellen kanssa Wiesbadeniin. Ja erityisen tärkeäksi päivän tekee se, että ihana kummityttömme syntyi silloin. Paljon onnea prinsessalle!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Second Week In the Krippe

Fräulein's 'acclimatization' in the kindergarten continues...

After the weekend, Fräulein seemed to be more happy to go to the Krippe. She walked in to the small children's room and was already starting to take part of the playing, when she remembered that mother was leaving and this was the time to cry. The day (or the two hours) had been even better than the previous Friday and she had eaten her breakfast.

Again 15 minutes longer day than yesterday. It there had been some good and some not so good moments.

After starting in the Krippe,
Fräulein's nap time has prolonged from one hour to two and a half...

Wednesday was a very rainy day (and the temperature had suddenly dropped from from Sunday's 30C to 18C). The group spend the morning in the play room, where there are balls, mattresses and cushions, and the children are allowed to run and jump around freely. The favorite activities for Fräulein! As a result, it was really difficult to have her leave the Krippe... 

On Wednesday evening, we got a great guest: my grandmother! But the downside was that Fräulein didn't really like to go to the Krippe. She had also been more whining than usually during the morning. It was agreed with the teachers that Fräulein would spend Friday morning home enjoying the visit of her great-grandmother.

Fräuleinin toinen viikko Krippessä alkoi jo paremmissa merkeissä. Keskiviikkoiltana saimme minun mummoni meille kylään. Ymmärrettävästi Fräulein ei enää torstaina ollutkaan innoissaan menossa päivähoitoon, joten perjantaina pidimme vapaapäivän.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The First Week In the Krippe

So, the first week in the kindergarten is now over for Fräulein. As I have told before, it is normal here in Germany that the 'acclimatization' to daycare is very slow.

Here is the summary of Fräulein's first week:

A half an hour of playing at the Krippe playground with the other kids. I was present, but sitting on a bench further away. Fräulein enjoyed herself, but was a bit confused why mum was just sitting there and didn't go and play with her.

Two hours of taking part of their normal morning routines. Fräulein followed everything with interest, but wanted me to join in, too.

Much like Tuesday. The group leader asked, if it had been this difficult for Fräulein to be without me when we started by the Tagesmutter. I told her that whenever I was present, Fräulein wanted me, but when I wasn't there, she was happy to play with the other kids.

When the group was at the playground, I left Fräulein for ten minutes. For the first five minutes she was crying, but by the time I was back, she was playing with the other kids.

Based on my discussion with the group leader the day before, I just dropped Fräulein to daycare and said bye bye. She was left crying. I was actually sitting in the room next door in case they needed me, but 1.5 hours passed before they told me, it was enough for one day. She had settled after I left, but all changes in the program, like going outside, had made her cry again. I think that is totally understandable, as she cannot remember the daily schedule at this point and she doesn't understand everything that is told to her, so she must get a bit confused. All in all, it had been quite OK.

On Friday morning I was talking to Fräulein about how we take the buggy to daycare, how she will leave her shoes and jacket to her own spot, which is marked with sun, and how she will see all the other kids and the teachers. And Fräulein added "bye bye mummy" and waved! So, she clearly knew what was going to happen and didn't feel at all stressed about it.

I dropped Fräulein to daycare for two hours and was able to spend the time in the city. She had again had some good and bad moments, but I think we are at a good point after this first week. Lets see how she feels after the weekend!

How to spend the two free hours in the city? 

Fräuleinin ensimmäinen sopeutumisviikko päiväkodissa on nyt takana. Ensimmäisenä päivänä olimme mukana ulkoleikeissä puoli tuntia ja seuraavana parina päivänä osallistuimme ryhmän aamurutiineihin. Fräuleinin tuntuu olevan vaikea ymmärtää, miksi äiti on mukana, muttei osallistu leikkeihin. Torstaina jätinkin Fräuleinin puoleksitoista tunniksi itsekseen hoitoon. Hän oli välillä ollut itkuinen, mutta rauhoittunut kuitenkin aina välillä. Päivystin koko ajan viereisessä huoneessa mahdollisen katastrofin varalta. Perjantaina pääsin jo itse käymään kaupungilla. Pidetään peukkuja, että ensi viikolla menee vielä mukavammin!