Friday, September 14, 2012

The Second Week In the Krippe

Fräulein's 'acclimatization' in the kindergarten continues...

After the weekend, Fräulein seemed to be more happy to go to the Krippe. She walked in to the small children's room and was already starting to take part of the playing, when she remembered that mother was leaving and this was the time to cry. The day (or the two hours) had been even better than the previous Friday and she had eaten her breakfast.

Again 15 minutes longer day than yesterday. It there had been some good and some not so good moments.

After starting in the Krippe,
Fräulein's nap time has prolonged from one hour to two and a half...

Wednesday was a very rainy day (and the temperature had suddenly dropped from from Sunday's 30C to 18C). The group spend the morning in the play room, where there are balls, mattresses and cushions, and the children are allowed to run and jump around freely. The favorite activities for Fräulein! As a result, it was really difficult to have her leave the Krippe... 

On Wednesday evening, we got a great guest: my grandmother! But the downside was that Fräulein didn't really like to go to the Krippe. She had also been more whining than usually during the morning. It was agreed with the teachers that Fräulein would spend Friday morning home enjoying the visit of her great-grandmother.

Fräuleinin toinen viikko Krippessä alkoi jo paremmissa merkeissä. Keskiviikkoiltana saimme minun mummoni meille kylään. Ymmärrettävästi Fräulein ei enää torstaina ollutkaan innoissaan menossa päivähoitoon, joten perjantaina pidimme vapaapäivän.

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