Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Third Week In the Krippe

Yes, the acclimatization to the kindergarten is slow... It is Fräulein's fourth week in the Krippe and we are still not done. But there has been some real progress!
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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
After the long weekend, Fräulein was happy to go back to the Krippe. Almost no whining at all, when I left her there and she had been on a good mood and played happily with the other kids. Yay!

It was finally the time for Fräulein to eat her lunch at the Krippe. She didn't actually eat anything, but she sat nicely in her own little chair while the others were eating. When I went to pick her up about an hour later than on previous days, she was crying a bit. When we got home she was very hungry and tired.

The first day when Fräulein did not whine AT ALL when I left her to the Krippe! She just waved and walked to her favorite teacher. Unfortunately, she had not eaten or drunk anything all morning.

Fräulein in her new favorite hobby: running around something

A peek into the fourth week
On Monday, Fräulein had eaten both breakfast and lunch in the Krippe! When I went to pick her up, she was spooning up her soup like all the other kids. Slowly she seems to learn how things are done there.

It was first planned, that Fräulein would take her first Krippe nap on Thursday this week, but as my mother is coming to visit us, it might be best to leave this experiment to next week.

Hiljaa hyvää tulee... Fräuleinin päiväkotipäivät ovat jo pidentyneet tunnilla ja hän syö lounasta hoidossa. Tällä viikolla oli tarkoitus aloittaa myös päikkäreiden nukkuminen päiväkodissa, mutta koska äitini on tulossa loppuviikoksi meille kyläilemään, jätetään tämä uudistus suosiolla ensi viikkoon.

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Workingberlinmum said...

For some insane reason my son's entrance to Kita life took 8 weeks in total before he was there for a full day despite his having already been used to being away from me for long periods of time (his dad and I are separated) and him only ever crying once during the whole process, on day 3. Very annoying but we got there in the end with the Kita, they were just slow.