Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Plans for New Year's Eve

Thank you all for your lovely comments you left here in the blog, on Facebook and via email! If you missed my previous post, you can check it here.

This new baby has been very active. I first felt the movements during the 13th week of the pregnancy (I've been told that you can usually feel them week 18 with your first child and week 16, if you have been pregnant before). As there has been much more kicking than when I was expecting Fräulein, I was sure that this one would be a boy. I was happy to hear that I was able to mislead some of you, too! :)

Yesterday, I went through some photos of Fräulein as newborn.
Here she is having her very first bath - quite relaxing!

I usually get a bit frustrated when planning on what to do on New Year's Eve. December is usually spent planning on Christmas and then on Boxing Day, I suddenly realize that the New Year is only a couple of days ahead and it would be nice to celebrate it somehow.

Well, this year I had the plans for New Year ready before the mid-summer: the due-date of our baby is on New Year's Eve!

Well, of course I won't be able to know what exactly we are going to do on that date, but at least I know we will be in Wiesbaden, either at hospital or home. And certainly there won't be any crazy partying...

Kiitos kaikille onnitteluistanne! Ja oli hauska kuulla, että onnistuin hämäämään joitakin teistä edellisen postauksen otsikolla. Vauva on niin kova potkimaan, että olin itse ihan varma, että tulossa on poika.

Tänä vuonna meillä on kerrankin vuodenvaihteen suunnitelmat ajoissa valmiina: vauvan laskettuaika on uudenvuodenaattona!

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Wiffy said...

The picture of your daughter in the bath is so cute.