Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Winter Wonderland

Greetings from Finland! A week has passed already...

Last Saturday we celebrated Baby's christening at Oma and Opa Welle's house. Afterwards, Herr Welle flew to China and I have spent the week at my mother's house on the west coast of Finland with the girls.

No special activities, just enjoying the Finnish winter and snow. Even though I'm not homesick (yet), one week of snow is enough for me for one winter ;)

It took some time for me to decide,
whether I should pack my Icebugs or sneakers as second shoes for the trip.
I'm pretty happy with my choice...

If you really try to imagine, you can feel the spring in the air here in Finland. But it is definitely still winter. At least, if you look at amount of snow...

Viikko Suomi-lomaa takana. Aluksi juhlistimme Babyn kastejuhlaa anoppilassa ja tämän viikon olemme viettäneet tyttöjen kanssa Porissa äitini luona. Lunta on riittänyt... ja alkaa olla jo ihan riittävästi.

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