Friday, March 9, 2012

Odd German Way No. 10 - Bring In the Police!

We were walking in the city center the other day. When we approached the Marktkirche, I noticed dozens of police cars around it. And on every entrance of the Schloßplatz (the area surrounding the church), there were several police officers.

My first thought was that there was something big going on and I wanted to find out what that was. But then I remembered that Germans tend to bring in a lot of police force when there is even the smallest event, in which some trouble might arise. Like when there is a football match, even in some of the minor leagues, the railway station is crowded with police officers with their helmets and shields.

Most of the times this armament seems a bit exaggerated.

And so it was this time, too. There was only a smallish demonstration by the Rathause.

I guess that the demonstration was against the air routes over Wiesbaden.
The noise of the flights started last year,
when the fourth runway was opened at Frankfurt airport. 

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