Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To Do List Revisited

My mother was visiting us for four days.

My mother's luggage was full of gifts for Fräulein, like these Nokian boots.
It is good that Ryanair has the 10kg limit for luggages...

So, lets see, did we get anything done:
  • Go shopping with her. 
  • Go shopping alone ( = without Fräulein).
The first two points were combined and we went shopping together without Fräulein. She ended up buying two picture frames, I bought a bit more...
  • Have dinner with Herr Welle. Yes, just the two of us!
Done! Saturday night dinner at Spital. I felt a bit old there, as the place was packed with people in their twenties enjoying their fancy-looking drinks.

  • Have an appointment with hairdresser.
  • Have a German lesson.
Not done - the teacher cancelled.
  • Throw away a plant that does not have any leaves left (well, she can do that).
  • Have our windows cleaned (by her).
Not done - wasn't warm enough.
  • Arrange the bathroom cabinets.
Not done - I was lazy.
  • See a doctor to have some moles removed.
Not done - I hadn't booked the appointment early enough.
  • Clean the coffee maker and the water boiler. 
Not done - I was lazy.
  • Have a cup of coffee outside.
Not done - everyone else had the same idea, so there were no free seats outside when we went out for coffee.
  • Eat lunch outside.
Actually it was THAT warm only on Thursday, but Fräulein was in no mood sitting still while we ate lunch (well, she rarely is...). 

As you can see, quite a few things were left undone. But what was more important was that she played with Fräulein so that I could drink my coffee in peace. And taught her new things, like how dogs howl and how to show with her fingers how old she is (Fräulein, that is, not my mum). 

And she'll be visiting us again in two months, so I can copy these things to the new To Do list, which I'll start writing shortly.

On our way back from Frankfurt-Hahn airport.

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fiona said...

Not bad though! I would be thoroughly pleased with shopping and dinner with the husband. I would LOVE my mum to come over and clean my windows. It's never going to happen though. Aside from the fact that I can't see my parents getting on a plane to here, my mum would take one look at our (probably) 15 foot high ceilings and decide she didn't fancy the risk of falling out the windows with a four storey drop.