Friday, July 27, 2012

Summertime - the Good And the Bad

Fräulein playing in my old playhouse.
Of our two months in Finland, only two weeks are left. The time flies!

Although the weather has not been very summery, we have been enjoying all the summer activities.

There has been weddings (two at the same time - just my luck!), summer parties and just time spent with our family and friends. What more could we need?

But sometimes the sun is covered with black clouds.

This summer, we have been cursing the alcoholics.
Especially those, who drink and drive (and crash).
And those, who smoke inside their apartments, fall asleep and ruin the homes of innocent people.

But I do not want to pass on this anger to you, so I guess I should just go outside and enjoy the sun and the warmth as long as it lasts.
But I'll be back! ;)

Vaikka Suomen kesäsäät eivät ole olleet parhaat mahdolliset, olemme saaneet nauttia hyvästä seurasta sekä pienemmistä ja suuremmista juhlallisuuksista. Valitettavasti kaikki ei ole aina yhtä auringonpaistetta, vaan toisten typeryys voi vahingoittaa viattomia ihmisiä. 
Mutta pidemmittä puheitta - nyt nauttimaan kesäauringosta!

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