Friday, July 13, 2012

Still Here...

Oh no, it has been several weeks without a single blog post... I still blame it on not having my own laptop here in Finland.

But here is a short update on what we have been doing.

First, there was the Midsummer. We, like so many other Finns, enjoyed it at a summer cabin by a lake. There was a bonfire, sauna, some swimming and a huge number of mosquitoes.

At Midsummer, the weather is usually very poor, but not this year!

Afterwards, Herr Welle flew back to Wiesbaden and Fräulein and myself spent two weeks with my grandparents. They live in the village where I grew up in. To my (and especially Fräulein's) disappointment, the city had taken down several playgrounds there, and we actually found only ONE slide from the public playgrounds. I'm beginning to understand those people, who say old times were better...

The slide
Now we are back at my mother's home and have found several great playgrounds to spend our days at.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, because then my own laptop will arrive! Oh, was there something else to look forward to.... oh yes, Herr Welle will arrive, too ;)

Jopas aika on vierähtänyt Suomi-loman merkeissä. Olemme muun muassa ehtineet juhlistaa juhannusta perinteisissä merkeissä ja koluta kovin erilaisia leikkikenttiä. Huomenna saan käsiini oman tietokoneeni, joten yritän olla vähän aktiivisempi tämän bloggaamisen suhteen...