Monday, October 29, 2012

The Perfect, Lazy Weekend

Sometimes the only thing you need is some lazy time with your family. That's what our weekend was all about.

On Saturday, we had slow breakfast and played with Fräulein. After the family nap time, we went out for shopping.

We enjoyed our Saturday dinner out in a restaurant. Well, to be honest, we went to Burger King. But at least we were more happy with the choice of the venue than some of the other customers seemed to be. Although we felt ourselves a bit underdressed in this company:

If only I had been brave enough to photograph the expression on her face...

Sunday was the perfect, crisp autumn day. So what would have been a better way to spend it than going out to the playground. As Herr Welle travels a lot, I could clearly see how Fräulein enjoyed having her daddy around and playing with her for the whole two days.

Viikonloppumme oli ihanan rauhallinen. Päikkäreitä, shoppailua, ulkoilua. Ja lauantaipäivällinen Burger Kingissä, missä tunsimme olomme vähän alipukeutuneiksi ;)

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fiona said...

Oh dear. The poor bride! Although when we were in Vegas quite a few years ago we did notice an awful lot of brides eating in McDonalds!