Friday, October 26, 2012

Where To Start...

OK, we are back in Wiesbaden. And we will stay put probably until the end of the February 2013. By then we will have a new baby. And she should have a passport so that we can fly to Finland for her christening.

While we were in Finland, autumn had arrived to Wiesbaden.
We really enjoyed our two weeks in Finland. Those were pretty active two weeks, so I have a lot to report about. I don't really even know where to start...

For now, let me just show you a picture. I'm not a very photogenic person so I don't like to show you pictures of myself. But there was a promotion of H&M autumn collection going on in Finland. And every time we passed by a picture with Lana Del Rey on it, Fräulein pointed at the picture saying "mummy!".

So, I'll leave you with a picture resembling myself. Or maybe it is just the Lederhose... ;)

No nyt olemme palanneet takaisin kotiin Wiesbadeniin. Ja seuraava visiitti Suomeen taitaakin olla ristiäisreissu helmikuun lopussa. Suomi-reissustamme onkin paljon raportoitavaa. Mutta ennen pidempiä postauksia, yllä kuva H&M:n kampanjasta, jota Fräulein aina kaupungilla nähdessään osoitti ja sanoi kuuluvasti "äiti!".

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