Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Blogger's Block

Fräulein has learned to draw her own letter and many more*

Oh, it has been a while. Again.

I must admit that I have had a bit of motivation problem. I have nothing to write about.

Or on a second thought, I might have too much to write about. But I don't know what I should write about.

... and to ride a bike.

I guess I'm having a period of uncertainty in my blogging 'career'. I'm not sure what my blog is about anymore.

I started this blog as an expat Hausfrau. So, is this blog about being an expat? Yes, we are still expats, but we are living our day to day life here in Germany. We do our normal, daily stuff, but the setting just happens to be a foreign country. No much news there.

Baby got her first two teeth in July
and my phone is full of photos like this, as I tried to capture them on camera

Or is this blog about being a Hausfrau? I do have two adorable girls and probably my friends and family are interested in reading about what the kids are up to. But for the rest of you, I cannot imagine is very interesting to hear that Fräulein can draw letters or that baby has learned to crawl*. And as I mentioned, we are just living our boring, daily life here - not much to report.

While in Finland, baby also learned to sit on her own.
And a couple of weeks ago - again in Finland - she started crawling!
She skipped the phase when one is sweeping the floor with one's belly and went straight on all fours.

So, please bear with me, while I'm thinking which direction I should go with this blog.
And I welcome any ideas! :)

*) the pictures are all about the achievements of the girls during our summer holiday in Finland - old news already... ;) 

Taidan elää jonkinlaista etsikkoaikaa bloggaajana. En oikein tiedä, mistä pitäisi kirjoittaa. Onko tämä expat-blogi? Se, että asumme ulkomailla, tuntuu tulevan arjessamme vastaan yhä harvemmin. Tain onko tämä kotiäidin blogi? En usko, että tyttöjemme arkipuuhat jaksavat pidemmänpäälle kiinnostaa muita kuin lähisukua ja kavereita. 

Palaan asiaan, kun keksin jotain kirjoitettavaa. Ideoita saa jättää kommenttikenttään! :)

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