Friday, February 8, 2013

Hello World!

Oh, it has been so long since my last blog post!

And it seems that the longer the time passes, the harder it is to start blogging again. Somehow I feel that after such a long time I should write something very important.

But instead of anything extremely meaningful, I'll just send out this short come-back post. Hopefully it will be a bit easier to get back to the normal blogging routines afterwards...

I'll just leave you with two pictures. The first one is Fräulein, the latter is Baby, both at age of seven weeks. Even though Fräulein was two centimeters shorter and 500 grams heavier that Baby is at the same age, don't they look similar?

Lyhyt paluupostaus tässä kohtaa, jos vaikka kirjoittaminen alkaisi taas tämän jälkeen sujumaan.
Oheisista kuvista ylemmässä on Fräulein, alemmassa Baby, molemmat seitsemän viikon iässä. Näyttävätkö siskoksilta?


fiona said...

Congratulations! Both are very similar and very lovely! Hope you are all settling into life with a second baby beautifully and all is well xx

Frau Welle said...

Thanks, Fiona! :)

Wiffy said...

They are so cute!