Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The City of Moominhouses

The Moomins is Fräulein's favorite TV show at the moment. She especially likes Little My and the Groke (she actually thinks that the Groke is funny, not scary...).

As Wiesbaden was spared from bombing during the World War II, the buildings here are relatively old.

Nerotal in autumn

From Fräulein's perspective, these old houses look like the Moominhouse. Whenever we are driving through the city, there is a constant talk on the back seat: "that's Moominhouse, that's Moominhouse, that's Moominhouse". And if we happen to pass one modern building: "that's not Moominhouse".

I think these old buildings create a special atmosphere for the city. Even though they are old, they are well maintained.

Neroberg in autumn

But sometimes I curse the old structure of the city. As there are many narrow one-way streets, you get very often stuck. Many mornings there are the garbage trucks rolling on slowly. And from time to time someone is unloading their truck.

The latter happened yesterday. The truck was parked in the middle of the road and the driver was unloading trollies and pushing them to a nearby hotel. There is nothing you can do. You cannot pass the truck, you cannot turn back, and you cannot reverse either, as there are quickly many cars behind you. So, that's about 15 minutes of waiting, before the driver returns to his truck and drives around the block letting others to move on.

Driver unloading his truck on a narrow street
For a five minute drive, you should book 20 minutes. Just in case.

Fräulein on ihan hulluna muumeihin, erityisesti Pikku Myyhyn ja Mörköön, joka on tytön mielestä hauska, ei pelottava...

Fräuleinin mielestä Wiesbadenin vanhat rakennukset ovat kuin muumitaloja. Ajellessamme kaupungin halki, kuuluu takapenkiltä tasainen mumina: "tuo muumitalo, tuo muumitalo, tuo muumitalo...". Ja modernimpien talojen kohdalla "tuo ei muumitalo". :)

Vaikka rakennukset ovat vanhoja, ne on pidetty tosi hyvässä kunnossa. Siksi kaupunki on mielestäni tosi viihtyisä. 

Valitettavasti vanhan kaupungin huonona puolena ovat kapeat, yksisuuntaiset kadut. Tosi usein saamme madella roska-auton perässä tai pysähtyä odottamaan, kun kuorma-auton lastia puretaan. Tällainen kun osuu kohdalle, ei nimittäin pääse eteen eikä taakse. Vartinkin odotus tuntuu uskomattoman pitkältä kun on kiire jonnekin!

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BavarianSojourn said...

They do indeed look like Moomin houses... We are huge moomin fans in our house... My addiction started in my teens, and later went on to be aided by my husband who worked for a Finnish company. Now I pretend to by my children Moomin things, but they are really all mine! :D Great photos! :)