Saturday, February 16, 2013

Too Good To Be True

***Warning! This post might exceed the too-much-knowledge limit of the most sensitive readers***

I should have known.

Everything went so well with the pregnancy. The only thing bothering me was the extreme exhaustion. The first three months I just wanted to sleep. And then again at the end of the pregnancy, I was very tired. I didn't even have the energy take my friend out for jumbo drinks, when she visited us in November! But otherwise everything was fine.

Then there was the child birth. Well, I didn't get the epidural this time either. But on the other hand, I had to spend less than twenty minutes at the maternity ward before Baby was born, so I guess I cannot complain.

But then there was my post-natal check up. The doctor found out that there was a piece of the placenta still attached. There was no specific reason for this, I just had 'extremely bad luck', as two different doctors put it.

So, on Thursday I had to go through an operation which included general anesthesia.

The setting for my Valentine's Day

I must admit that the eight days before the operation, when I had time to imagine it all in my head, were actually worse than the operation itself.

But now everything is fine. And most importantly, the baby is fine.

Olisihan se pitänyt arvata, että jotain vastoinkäymisiä tulee. Raskausaika meni mukavasti, vaikka olinkin sekä alku- että loppuaikana todella väsynyt. Ja synnytys meni nopeasti, tosin en taaskaan ehtinyt saada toivomaani epiduraalipuudutusta. 

Mutta sitten jälkitarkastuksessa todettiin, että istukasta olikin jäänyt palanen jäljelle. Ja se piti poistaa nukutuksessa. Mukava ystävänpäivä! Mutta nyt kaikki on hyvin.


germangreeneyedmonster said...

at least it´s all over and done with now and you and Baby are healthy :-)

Anonymous said...

When I saw your warning I feared the worst and Im so glad all is good with you and bsby!