Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Return Of the Energetic Guest,

I don't let Fräulein to play with my camera,
but for some reason my mother's camera
seems to be full of this kind of photos...

My mother was visiting us for four days. This time we didn't have any furniture for her to assemble, but she did do a lot!

Among other things, she cleaned our windows and our balcony.

We did some shopping and enjoyed the summer by having lunch outside.

Fräulein enjoyed her new umbrella, even though it wasn't raining

We visited Opel Zoo (more about that later).

And the best part: she played a lot with the girls.

Hopefully she will find time to visit us soon again!

Äitini oli meillä muutaman päivän kylässä ja hän sai taas tapansa mukaan paljon aikaiseksi.
Mutta tärkeintä tietysti oli, että tytöt saivat viettää aikaa Hammun kanssa!

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