Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Lamb (And Other Animals)

On Easter, you should eat lamb, right?

Well, this year we didn't eat any, instead we fed them. In a couple of occasions, actually.

First we visited Fasanerie here in Wiesabaden.

The map of Fasanerie

Fräulein really looked forward to seeing the wolf.
Fortunately we were able to spot one, but she was a bit disappointed, when it didn't howl.

And later, we visited Tierpark Mainz-Kastel for the first time. It was a lot smaller place than Fasanerie, more like a domestic animal farm. But what was important was that we got to feed the animals again*!

It was actually a bit difficult to feed the sheep here.
The animals had a clear pecking order: the pony was the king,
 then came the big goat, then black goats, goats with other colours,
and the sheep were the last to be access the goodies.

Not willing to leave :)

*) In both of these places they sell 'Futter', which you can feed to the animals

Emme tänä pääsiäisenä syöneet lammasta vaan syötimme niitä. Ensin vierailimme Fasaneriessa ja toisena päivänä Tierpark Maiz-Kastelissa

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