Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From a German Detective Story

An apartment building in Wiesbaden.

Someone presses the buzzers of all apartments.

Two men enter the building and talk with the lady from the entrance floor apartment.

One of the men: "Guten Tag! Where can we find Frau W*?"
Lady: "From the second floor"

The men take the elevator to the second floor.

A doorbell rings.

One of the men: "Frau W. Please, open the door. Hier ist die Polizei!"

A door opens.

To be continued... (or not)

Oh, I really should be studying for the exam I have later today and not be spying on my neighbors, let alone writing weird blog posts...

*) for the record: Frau W in this story is not short for Frau Welle. Thanks for pointing this out Citymami
(added at 14:35)

Tenttiinlukemisen sijaan olen tänään päätynyt salakuuntelemaan naapureitani. 
Mutta lausahdus "Hier ist die Polizei!" loi kyllä jännän dekkaritunnelman! :)


Citymami/Eva said...

Onko rouva W frau Welle ;)?

Frau Welle said...

Ooops, enpä tullut tuota mielleyhtymää ajatelleeksi. Ei onneksi niin jännä dekkari :D