Friday, April 12, 2013

Flying Lawn Mover

Yes, I had a pretty tough beginning for this week, but yesterday I thought I had really lost it.

For the record: we live in a first floor apartment and our house is placed on a quite steep slope. So, when I'm sitting on our sofa and look out through our balcony doors, I only see tree tops and (during winter, when there are no leaves) some houses far away on the opposite hill.

So, you might understand that I was really surprised to see a lawn mover (or similar machine) out there.

Fortunately, with closer inspection I could see a crane holding it.


Tämä ei taida vaatia suomennosta - kuvat puhukoon puolestaan!


manycoloured-days said...

Straight out of Harry Potter, ha!

Citymami/Eva said...

Yes - You should get some sleep ;)....