Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Great Surprise - And Disappointment

This is just cruel.

When you are living as an expat in another country, you are sure to miss some things from your home country. For me one of those things are pick & mix candies. You cannot find them here in Germany!

Last Saturday we visited Ikea in Wallau. We were actually heading to the Toys R Us, but stopped by for some meatballs.

On our way out we noticed something great: pick & mix candies!

And I was delighted to see a wide assortment of liqourice and some Dajm look-alike chocolates. Yum!

But no, it wasn't yummy at all. Both the liqourice and the chocolates tasted like cheap copies of the originals. Yuk.

How cruel of Ikea to give me first a great surprise and then such a huge disappointment!

I guess I need to add pick & mix candies to the shopping list, which I am preparing for my mother. She will visit us next week!

Piipahdimme viime lauantaina Ikeassa lihapullalounaalla. Samalla huomasimme iloksemme, että Wallaun Ikeaan oli tullut myyntiin irtokarkkeja! Niitä ei yleensä löydä täältä Saksasta.

Valikoimassa näytti olevan erilaisia lakritseja ja Dajmin näköisiä suklaapaloja. Nam! Mutta ei, karkit olivat suorastaan kammottavan makuisia. Mitä iloa on pahanmakuisista karkeista? Mikä valtava pettymys irtsarien ystävälle!

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