Friday, June 14, 2013

Oma Oma*

Herr Welle is traveling the whole week (who would have guessed**... ). So, what do we do? We call my grandmother to the rescue!

You might remember, that my mother is quite an energetic guest. Well, my grandmother is exactly the same.

As it is impossible for her to rest while Fräulein is in the Krippe, she has (among other things) cleaned our fridge and defrosted our freezer. Something I have been planning to do for months...

But, needless to say, the best part of her visit is that we are able to spend time with her!

*) 'oma' is 'own' (n or adj.) in Finnish for 'own' and Oma is German for '
**) last weekend Fräulein was thrilled, because "her dad was visiting us"!

Herr Welle on taas reissussa, joten mummoni lensi avuksemme. Ja loputtoman leikkimisen lisäksi hän on taas puuhastellut kaikenlaista, muun muassa sulattanut pakastimemme!

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Annabelle H said...

This sounds just like my mum. She will clean the house from top to bottom while the daughter is in kita.