Thursday, June 6, 2013

What To Do Next?

This is a funny feeling: I have nothing to do!*

Since last September, I have been taking online courses in marketing and yesterday I had the last test. Yippee!

The first six months with the baby have been pretty peaceful and it has been easy to find the time to study.

I'm studying and Baby is taking her nap on my lap ♥ 

Unfortunately Herr Welle has been traveling on those days when I have had my tests (not a surprise, as he is traveling a lot...). But luckily I have a friend, who was able to take Fräulein into her home to play with her daughter. Thank you again! :)

So, it was just Baby and me. How can it be, that when you have something important to do, the baby makes three poos in four hours and two of those won't stay inside the diaper...

Talking about poo, this damn cat walked arrogantly onto the sandbox
at our favorite playground, made a poo, covered it, and left.

Anyway, now it is time for my 'summer vacation'. And I have no idea what to do.

I have been trying to remember, what did I do all day long when Fräulein was a baby. I only started this blog when she was one year old, so I didn't write. Perhaps I was reading a lot? Or was I shopping online?

Oh, that reminds me that I should order a couple of things for the girls...

So, I'll do some shopping now, but I'll also try to spend more time with this blog. See you soon! :)

*) apart from cleaning the apartment, but that doesn't count...

Sain eilen syksyllä aloittamani markkinoinnin verkko-opinnot päätökseen. Eli nyt pitäisi keksiä, mitä teen "kesälomallani"! Ihan ensimmäiseksi taidan suunnata nettishoppailun pariin, mutta eiköhän nyt löydy paremmin aikaa bloggaamisellekin!

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