Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Even Better Blog!

I have noticed, that the posts in my blog cover mainly three types of things: mummy stuff, expat things and our city, Wiesbaden.

I guess that my readers are also mainly interested in one of these things, so I thought I'd make it easier to navigate in my blog. So, I have now created new pages, which you can find from the tabs above, under the picture of Fräulein the Cat.

For all of you interested in mummy and Hausfrau stuff, you'll find the links to those posts on 'Hausfrau Welle' page.

Links to posts covering our expat life can be found on 'Expat Welle' page.

And, obviously, on page 'Frau Welle's Wiesbaden', you can find the posts about our city.

But don't be alarmed, the old type of blog with all my posts can be still be found on page 'The Blog'.

I have also added a new 'About Frau Welle' page.

Please, enjoy!

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