Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Sick Leave For Hausfrau

As I told you yesterday, I fell ill on Sunday morning. Not nice. Especially not nice, when you have a 14-month-old to look after. They do not grant sick leave for SAHMs (= Stay At Home Mums, an acronym I learnt recently!)

Fortunately, I'm feeling a bit better now, so I had to spent only two days curled up on the sofa. Well, I would have liked to curl up, but whenever I was able to find a position in which I wasn't feeling too bad, our daughter, let's call her Fräulein from now on, came and took my finger, pulling me to join her games. You cannot tell a 14-month-old that mummy is not feeling good, so could you please read some books by yourself...

I sometimes wonder, what I have actually been doing all day, when I've spent the day home together with Fräulein. But now that I have not been able to do anything at all, I notice how quickly the toys take over the floors, kitchen table tops pile up with dishes and bathroom floor is covered with laundry, as it cannot fit into the basket anymore. All this in just two days! So, I must be doing something, as our apartment does not normally look like this. (Those who have visited our home know that our home in by no means clinically clean, but looks like someone is living there, to put it mildly... But after two days of doing nothing at all, this really is something else!)

I must say my thanks to Herr Welle, who was supposed to fly to Finland on business yesterday evening, but postponed his departure until tonight. He has made sure that we have something to eat and can actually fit into the kitchen. And today I have finally been fit enough to wash some laundry myself. Although checking the winter sales here in Wiesbaden has to wait until a later date.

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