Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mummy Has Got a New Winter Jacket!

Yes, I've got it!
The biggest investment I've made on myself since Fräulein was born.

I have been looking for a new winter jacket for a couple of years now. All my jackets are old, but my Henri Lloyd's quilted jacket is still OK for warmer weather (plus degrees in Celsius) and I have a Tommy Hilfiger down jacket, which I can use when it gets below -10°C (I actually store it in Finland, because it is far more likely that the weather is that cold there and it takes half of a luggage, if you want to travel with it).

The last couple of winters in Finland have been so cold that I have managed the whole winter with the down jacket. But here in Germany, the typical winter temperature is around 0°C, so there definitely was a need for a new jacket!

Before Christmas, I saw a perfect Napapijri jacket at Peek & Cloppenburg. It was 25% off, but still too expensive for me (the income of a Hausfrau is not that great...). But last Saturday I saw those same jackets in Main-Taunus-Zentrum with 50% off. Unfortunately, they did not have those in my size, but I was told that those could be found in P&C Wiesbaden with the same discount. Great!

But then I fell ill. For the beginning of the week I have been waiting I could go and buy the jacket, but haven't been able to.

Yesterday I packed Fräulein into our car and drove to the city. Although it is normally a walking distance, I didn't want to risk my newly found health. And they still had those jackets at P&C!

Unfortunately, the brown ones were sold, so I had to settle with a black one. I originally liked the black better, but my friends, who where shopping with me when I first found the jacket, thought the brown suited me better. So now my friends must think that I am only writing this to justify my decision to buy a black jacket! But I had actually decided to buy it in brown, because there are so many black winter jackets out there that brown would be a nice change. So, Katri and Maija, this really is a true story!

Anyway, I am happy with my new jacket, and I'll soon get to use it as it is getting colder here next week (now it is about +8°C).

But I'd like to comment on the brand a bit. I have always found this Napapijri brand quite funny.
It sounds like it is Finnish, as the Finnish word Napapiiri means Artic Circle (note, that it is spelled a bit differently).
It looks like it is Norwegian, because of the flag in the logo.
But it is originally Italian.
Since 2004, it has been part of American VF Corporation (with e.g. Eastpal, Kipling and Timberland).
It is now based in Switzerland with VF International.
And my jacket is made in Moldova.
Global, right?


fiona said...

Ha, ha! You got your jacket then! Well done! Actually after your shopping post yesterday I was out and got a great pair or trousers with 70% off for Euro 23! So I regretted saying the sales here weren't worth worrying about!

Katri said...

Onnea uuden takin omistajalle! Harmi, että ne ruskeat ehtivät loppua kesken, mutta on tuo mustakin kyllä hieno... varsinkin jos siihen yhdistää jonkun värikkään kaulaliinan :) Täällä koti-Suomessa on nyt vaihteeksi untuvatakille tarvetta, kylmä pohjoistuuli puhaltelee...

Frau Welle said...

Yes, fiona, I got the jacket!
In my experience the sales here start with -40% or -50%, and if you are lucky, you can find something nice with -70%. Whereas in Finland, they start with -20% or -30% and if you are lucky, you can find something nice with -50%...

Frau Welle said...

Kiitos Katri! :)
Mustassa on tosiaan se kiva puoli, että siihen on helpompi yhdistää eri värejä. Täällä on tänään +5 ja aurinko paistaa, joten vielä en pääse uutta takkia testaamaan.