Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Type Your Own Scrawls

The picture above was tweeted today by Frau Dietz. I thought it matched well with something I tried out yesterday.

Instead of writing several letters a day by hand, you can personalize the texts you write on your computer. On Your Fonts web site, you can create a font based on your handwriting!

And it is very easy. All you need is a printer, a scanner and a black marker (fine or medium thickness). You print out a form, fill it with your characters, scan the filled form and upload it to the web site.

Yesterday, they had a campaign day and I was able to test this service for free. Normally, the price for one form page is $9.95. But if you need some special characters, like 'ä' and 'ö', you need to upload second template for $5.00. You can view the fonts before you make a purchase.

My handwriting is quite irregular and, well, not very beautiful, so there won't be much use for my new fonts. But maybe someone with nice handwriting could use her own fonts for example to write a letter on computer then print it. But then again, you could just write your letters by hand...
Example text with my own font

It is not a great idea to use your own fonts in your blog either. Even though it would give a nice effect, web pages work so that the fonts are not embedded on the site, but they are 'picked up' from you computer. Thus only the fonts, which your computer and web browser 'know', are shown correctly. But you could, of course, create a PDF file (embedding the font) and then publish it on your web page or send via email.

Well, I guess the best purpose for this service is to have a bit of fun. And if you have a child who is knows how to write (or can at least copy the letters), it could be nice to create your own fonts from your child's handwriting. I must wait for a while before we can do this with Fräulein...

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