Monday, February 6, 2012

Back in the Blogosphere

Hi there, remember me? Frau Welle. The writer of this blog.

It has been quiet here for a while. Well, actually only for a few days, but it feels much more. First Fräulein fell ill. Thursday evening I got the same stomach bug, and Friday morning Herr Welle got sick. It really makes your own illness feel ten times worse, when there is a little girl, gaining back her energy, wanting you to play with her...

But we are all well now. So I won't have any excuse not to visit the German playgroup this afternoon...

Yesterday, after spending a couple of days inside, we decided to go to Kurpark to enjoy the brisk Sunday weather. It has been quite cold here, around -10°C. I know it is nothing compared to the temperature for example in southern Finland (about -25°C...), but it does feel cold!

We do not have any snow here, but the ponds of the park are now frozen

Oh yeah, maybe I should mention that the second round of the Finnish presidential election was held yesterday. Here is our new president:

The 12th president of Finland: Sauli Niinistö
(photo via Wikipedia)

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