Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Do List

My mother is coming to visit us tomorrow.

She is the perfect guest.
I don't need to clean up the apartment before she arrives, because she likes to do that (yes, really!).
She is more than happy to spend time with Fräulein, so that I get things done.
She is full of energy, so she gets many unfinished things done while she is visiting us.
And beside fixing and cleaning our apartment and playing with Fräulein, she does not need any special activities arranged.

For a while now, I have been writing down the things to do while she is here. Things that I need help with, things that are nice to do with her and things that I need a babysitter for.
  • Go shopping with her. 
  • Go shopping alone ( = without Fräulein).
  • Have dinner with Herr Welle. Yes, just the two of us!
  • Have an appointment with hairdresser.
  • Have a German lesson.
  • Throw away a plant that does not have any leaves left (well, she can do that).
  • Have our windows cleaned (by her).
  • Arrange the bathroom cabinets.
  • See a doctor to have some moles removed (Fräulein already took one off, but I would rather see a specialist...).
  • Clean the coffee maker and the water boiler (I don't know why I need my mum for this, but somehow I get many things done while she is here, maybe the energy is transmitted to me, too). 
  • Have a cup of coffee outside (yes, it really is that warm here!).
  • Eat lunch outside (yes, it really is THAT warm here!).
I guess that is enough for four days...

(I hope she doesn't check my blog before she leaves Finland...)

Last year my mother was spending her birthday here in Wiesbaden,
so I took a photo of her under the Fossil sign...


citymami said...

Mä just mietin, että toivottavasti tein äiti ei tsekkaa tätä ennen :P
Mein äitee siivoaa aina ensimmäiseksi meidän kahvinkeittimen... en tiedä miksi... ;)

Frau Welle said...

Äidit on käteviä vieraita ;)
Mut ei tämä tarkoita, etteivätkö muut ole tervetulleita. Mites te sitä lomaanne jäitte sinne talveen viettämään kun täällä ois kevät?!?!

Maija said...


on se niin väärin, että siellä voi istua ulkona kahvilassa ja me täällä vain rämmimme lumessa. Tänään onneksi paistaa aurinko, pientä lohtua!


BavarianSojourn said...

That last picture really made me laugh! Hooray for energetic Mums who are great fun to have around... Emma :)

Katri said...

Mäkin voin tulla putsaamaan teidän kahvinkeittimen :D Sitä odotellessa, nauttikaa keväästä! t. Katri