Monday, February 13, 2012

Outlet Shopping, Part 2 - Zweibrücken

This seems to have become common Saturday activity for us: outlet shopping!

A couple of weeks ago we visited Wertheim Village. Last Saturday we headed to Zweibrücken, which is located close to French border. This time we planned our visit a bit better and were able to drive there while Fräulein took her nap. This way we had almost five hours to shop!

And yes, we did find something. They had the final winter sales on, so the discounts (on top of the outlet prices) were great. Here is what we found:

Petit Bateau
One shirt, one undershirt and two skirts for Fräulein, total 22€

Tommy Hilfiger
Cardigan for me, 29.99€

T-shirt for Herr Welle

Daniel Hechter
Business suit for Herr Welle, 150€

Two shirts and one pair of trousers for Fräulein, one sweat shirt for Fräulein's cousin, total 34€.

Villeroy & Boch
6 snifters and 6 whiskey glasses, 7€/pc
(I didn't really like the design, but as I don't drink cognac or whisky, I let Herr Welle to choose the glasses)

I guess this is enough shopping for a while...

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