Thursday, February 16, 2012

Really? Really?

I just cannot believe it.

There is not a single comment to my question!

Have my readers been offended, because it was only for all mothers? Maybe I should rephrase the title of the post: Question for all parents out there: Bed or pacifier?

Anyway, you can find the question *here*. And I appreciate, if you have time to leave a comment!

I have been thinking about this pacifier thing. To be able to get rid of those, there should be something else that would comfort Fräulein.

I have tried to introduce all kinds of soft toys to her, but she just doesn't want any teddybears or hippos in her bed. She always throws those away.

But this week she has found something that she likes to hold in her fist when she is going to sleep: a Duplo girl!

No, that would not be my first choice for a toy to sleep with. But it clearly calms her down in the evening!

Maybe this is something we could use as replacement for the pacifier?


Anonymous said...

Just so you know I've been reading your blog for a while.
I have a one year old (my third) and could offer lots of advice but in the end they're all going to sound like cliches:) You'll just have to experiment and go with your instincts and do what you think is right for the both of you. But honestly, soon this will all be behind you. Here's a brilliant book (because it doesn't tell you what's wrong or right but sort of tells you with everything all the options you might want to consider.
There's a kindle version too.
I'd offer friendship and company but we're leaving Germany in a few weeks.... but feel free to get in touch otherwise! Andrea

Frau Welle said...

Hi Andrea! First of all, thank you for your comment! I know that it is not as straightforward, that someone can give me the right answers, but it is nice to get some peer support :) And thanks for the link!

It is nice to know, who the people there on the other side of the screen are. I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving Germany just now, but I hope you have something nice ahead and I wish you all the best for the future! Hopefully, you'll still have time to pop in my blog!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you're on my blogroll:) Just my own input then if you don't mind. We had all our babies in our room until about they were six months and then to their own rooms. With the third one now I don't even mind getting up to her at night, which usually happens once. You get used to it, it's not just babies that need it but for many years to come - bed dreams etc, etc. As for the pacifier, hm. My oldest one never had one, the second one until about she was three and then we really needed a new one but she didn't like the new brand so gave up literally from one minute to the next. I think some babies just need something to be in their mouths. If it's not the pacifier, it will be her thumb and you won't be able to take that away. Then nail biting (a lot of kids with pacifiers go on to be nailbiters apparently, I heard this from a kindergarten teacher, I don't know if there's any 'scientific connection'). Our third one, the baby, also uses one but only to sleep and I am very consistent not to give her one during the day. At the moment I absolutely don't care how long she'll use it but I do agree with one of the comments before me - the later you want to take it away, the more difficult it could be. Check out the book, I'm sure it has lots of ideas, you might find one that works for you.
I also blog at but it's quite boring at the moment I'm afraid, and my older blogs are closed. I just do it to keep in touch with friends all over the world in this crazy expat life.
So, I'm going to comment from now on as I like my friends' reactions as well - they usually just comment on facebook though! Keep writing, it will be fun for the baby to read when she grows up!

Frau Welle said...

Thanks for your tips, I really appreciate them!

I have noticed that I get traffic from your blog. Did you have it password protected, as I haven't been able to check it out before? Now I browsed through your post - what an exciting life you have! I also noticed that you live in Frankfurt, so close to us. What a pity that you are going to move, it would have been nice to meet you! But I'll keep reading your blog from now on!