Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poor Baby

I should have known.

When one starts in three new playgroups within a week, this was about to happen.

Fräulein has fallen ill.

I want to be honest with you. Fräulein is not always the easiest little girl to take care of. As newborn, she had colic. She is a very light sleeper (I have always thought that children sleep so deeply that you can carry a sleeping child from car to her bed without waking her...). And her appetite, especially for 'real' food, is not the best.

But we have been very lucky, because she has been so healthy.

Her first year went by with only few days with running nose and whining. When she turned 1 year old, she had three flu in a row. They weren't too bad. On day time, she was like her normal self, only the nights were a bit difficult.

But now, for the first time, she is really ill. Ill in a way that has changed her behavior.

Watching BabyTV

There were two things yesterday, that made me suspect that something was wrong, even though she didn't seem to be sick per se.

First, she didn't eat anything. It is not a surprise that she didn't eat her potatoes, but she didn't even want any cookies!

Second, she usually hurries to the hall when Herr Welle comes home, but yesterday she just sat on my lap smiling at him.

Last night she got fever. Today she has been resting, cuddling and watching BabyTV. Anyone who has met her would say that it is totally out of character for her to sit still for 15 minutes!

Hopefully, she will be dancing again soon.

At least Fräulein has managed to eat something today

Get well soon poor Fräulein!


Frau Dietz said...

Poor little girl :( Get well soon!!

citymami said...

Paranemisterkkuja :D!!!
Kuin monta tuntia sä oot jo joutunut tuijottamaan piirrettyjä ;)?

Wiffy said...

Poor baby, she's so cute. I hope she gets better soon :)

Frau Welle said...

Thank you for all the well-wishes!
Fräulein is feeling much better now. She is full of energy and dances in the rhythm of clock and washing machine (I guess we should listen to more music...)