Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feeling Loose

What is it about this spring / early summer that makes me want to do other things than sit by my Mac and write the blog? Go figure...

Actually, in quite many blogs which I follow, there has been some more or less intended breaks and many bloggers are apologizing for neglecting their readers. And now it is my turn.

I do have millions of ideas for blog posts. I have thought that I should get a dictaphone and a secretary so that all those ideas could be published here. But with my Hausfrau's income, I guess I must just apologize for blogging so infrequently.

I told you earlier about the funny feeling of being home alone, while Fräulein was with her Tagesmutter. Today I spent the morning in the city by doing some shopping and running errands. I finally posted the gift I had bought ages ago, bought Fräulein a pair of shoes and enjoyed a peaceful moment with a cup of coffee.

Trying on her first pair of Crocs (am I allowed to call them shoes?)
No matter how hideous, they are perfect for playground!

It feels so strange to go out all on my own! For 19 months, I have been pushing a buggy. That loose feeling when your hands are free! Although the downside is that you have to carry everything by yourself...

During all those 19 months, I haven't really been able enjoy shopping as I have always worried about when Fräulein is going to get upset and we must head home. I must plan the visits to the city so that the most important things are done first. Luckily, the city visits are a bit easier nowadays, as Fräulein can be quite easily bribed with a pretzel - and those are sold in every corner here!

But today there was no stress. I could just pop into any store if I felt like it. And I didn't need to find an elevator to get into the other floors!

And in the meantime, Fräulein spent the whole morning in garden playing with the other kids and enjoying the sunny summer day. Lucky us! :)

Kummallista kyllä, jostain syystä näin kesäkeleillä ei tee mieli istua tietokoneen ääressä blogia kirjoittamassa... Pyydän siis anteeksi, että täällä on ollut niin hiljaista! Ehkä jonain päivänä minulla on varaa sanelukoneeseen ja sihteeriin... ;)
Fräulein oli taas tänään Tagesmutterilla ja käytin aamupäivän kaupungilla kiertelyyn. Ihan kumma tunne kun ei tarvitse työntää rattaita ja kaupoissa pääsee helposti toisiin kerroksiin. Eikä tarvitse stressata, missä vaiheessa tytöltä menee hermot.
Ja minun nauttiessani tästä shoppailuvapaudesta, Fräulein nautti aurinkoisesta kesäpäivästä leikkimällä päivähoitokaverien kanssa puutarhassa. Täydellistä! :)


manycoloured-days said...

Those crocs are not hideous, they're just perfect for a toddler! We have a pair in green:)

Frau Welle said...

Oh, I have grown to dislike Crocs as some Finns seem to think that they are suitable to all situations, all the year round. Some even wear the ballerina model at weddings!

But you are right, they are perfect for a toddler! :)

Wiffy said...

Just to let you know I have nominated you for a little Liebster over on http://somebodyislovingyou.blogspot.de/