Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Sunny Celebration Of May 1st

Germans don't really celebrate May 1st like Finns do. I guess the day is here more for (not so civilized) protests, even though I haven't witnessed one. 

But even though we didn't have any 'sima' to drink or donuts to eat, we did some decorating with streamer and balloons.

Thanks to our Finnish visitors, our balcony is now clean. And Fräulein has spent most of the sunny days there. That is where she wants to go as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning and it is really difficult to get her back inside.

We had lunch at Schloss Biebrich (yes, again - it is really becoming a regular place for us).
There are always free seats outside, both in the sun and under the shades.
The food there is tasty. Usually we order their Flammkuchens, but now we enjoyed the asparagus menu.
And there is plenty of place for Fräulein to run and explore while waiting.

The royal wave.

No Finnish flag, but...

Walk in the Schloss park after lunch.

And back on the balcony.

Vappua ei täällä Saksassa vietetä ihan samaan tapaan kuin Suomessa, mutta yritimme päästä tunnelmaan ilmapallojen ja serpentiinin kanssa. 
Söimme aurinkoisen päivän kunniaksi lounasta jälleen Schloss Biebrichissä. 
Ja Fräulein jaksaa keksiä tekemistä Suomi-vieraidemme siivoamalla parvekkeella...

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