Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pipi and Pallo

Fräulein isn't much of a speaker. Around the time of Christmas, she was saying a handful of words, like mum, dad, meow (what cat says), yes, no and give (well, the Finnish versions of those).

But since Christmas, there has been hardly any new words. And as Fräulein is now spending time with her German Tagesmutter, I thought it would slow down her starting to speak even more.

But I was proven wrong! During the last week, there has been several new words!

First it was just woof-woof (what dog says), and as she is making other animal sounds as well (not really words, but like the sound of a bear), I didn't pay much attention.

But then she showed a picture in a magazine and said "lady". Yesterday, she had bruised her arm and knee and said "sore" (children call it pipi in Finnish). Several times. I guess there is some fun in spotting bruises from your body... And this morning, loud and clear "ball" (pallo), pointing at a balloon!

Not a sore nose, but this is what happens when she gets hold of a Bepanthen tube... 
I'm so excited! It sounds so funny when she is saying all these things! And I can't wait for her to start really talking - it will be so nice to hear what goes on in that little mind of hers!

Fräuleinin sanavarasto ei ole vielä kovin laaja. Joulusta asti hän on osannut sanoa äiti, isi, juu, ei, mau  ja anna. Mutta viimeaikoina uusia sanoja ei ole tullut lisää. 
Nyt kun Fräulein viettää aikaansa saksankielisen Tagesmutterin kanssa, ajattelin, että puheen tulo on toistaiseksi jäissä. Mutta nyt viimeisen viikon aikana onkin tullut monta uutta sanaa: hauhau, täti, pipi ja tänä aamuna vielä pallo!
Tosi hauskaa! 

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