Thursday, May 17, 2012


First two teeth about one year ago

It is teething time again.

It was a bit over one year ago, when Fräulein got her first two teeth. The first eight surfaced quite easily. She didn't seem be bothered about them during day time, but she was awake whining for one to two hours in the early hours during one night for each tooth.

But when it was time for the first molars, the problems started. As one molar tooth is like four smaller ones, she was awake for four nights for each tooth.

In the beginning of December, a couple of friends were visiting us. One of them has had her first child while living in Switzerland, so she was able to share a tip, which I have been very grateful of!

In the pharmacies, they sell some anesthetic gel especially for teething pain!

If you are from central Europe or UK, you probably think "yeah, so what's new?". But this is something you cannot find in Finland!

For about 4 euros, you can buy such a great relief! You just apply a small amount to the baby's gums. With Fräulein, I only do this before her bedtime. And I have later noticed that they sell this gel also in our local grocery store, Rewe!

After Fräulein's four molars, there was four month break in teething. During the last couple of week, she has had her first two eyeteeth. So, two more eyeteeth and four molars left from this baby teething period!

But what was the subject of this post about?

Well, one of my favorite German words is Zahnfleisch, which means gums, but is literally 'toothmeat'.

This just makes me giggle...

Fräuleinille on taas tulossa uusia hampaita. Reilu vuosi sitten hän sai ensimmäiset etuhampaansa ja jouluun mennessä hampaita oli 12. Nyt muutaman kuukauden tauon jälkeen vuorossa ovat kulmahampaat.

Vaikka hampaiden tulo on ollut suhteellisen kivutonta, etenkin poskihampaat valvottivat tyttöä. Onneksi sain ystävättäreltäni vinkin, että täällä myydään apteekissa puudutusgeeliä, joka on tarkoitettu avuksi juuri hampaiden puhkeamiseen! Itse asiassa geeliä myödään myös tavallisessa ruokakaupassa, hinta n. 4 euroa.

Ja mitä postauksen otsikkoon tulee, yksi saksan kielen lempisanojani on ikeniä tarkoittava Zahnfleisch (kirjaimellisesti "hammasliha").


manycoloured-days said...

at least it's almost behind you, lucky you.... we still only have 8 teeth at 16 months!

fiona said...

Why yes, in the UK we are the champions of infant pain relief! Aside from the teething gels, our national favourites being Dentinox, Calgel, and Bonjela, we also like teething granules the most common brand being 'Ashton & Parsons Teething Granules' (all these available at Boots), and on top of that you can also ease the nights (and days, but they never seem so bad) with the good old fashioned power duo of Calpol (paracetamol) and Nurofen (ibuprofen). You can give both at the same time (following the guidelines for age/weight) but instead of having a 4 hour gap between doses it must be lengthened to 6 hours.

And just to top it off we also tend to use those teethers that you can stick in the fridge or freezer for them to chew on.

Hope this helps!

fiona said...

Oh, and here's a link to all the products if you want to find out more:

Frau Welle said...

Two of my regular commentators active again, great! :)

manycoloured-days: yes, it is almost behind us, but I'm a bit scared about the four big molars, which have not yet surfaced... :/

fiona: you certainly have a great selection of teething aids in the UK! Maybe some of my Finnish readers could share their views, but I guess in Finland there are only those chewing toys, which can be put in the fridge, and in worse cases you can give some paracetamol. Here in Germany the "Bernsteinkettes" (amber necklaces) seem to be quite popular, but I haven't bought one.