Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Accessories Race

I have found myself in arms race with another mum here in Wiesbaden. This race is quite one-sided, as The Other Mum does not know about it. To tell you the truth, I think she hasn't even noticed me...

This all began about a year ago. In several occasions, when I was walking with my baby in the pram to the city, I saw The Other Mum sharing the same route and pushing a pram. She also had a Bugaboo Cameleon, although her pram was off-white, where as mine was dark brown.

Besides the Bugaboo and similar route to the city, we had nothing else in common. The biggest difference was in our appearances. We both had often jeans and a jacket on, and our hair in ponytail. But where my look was created in less than 5 minutes, The Other Mum always looked like a personal shopper had chosen her outfit and she had spent about two hours at hairdresser.

And The Other Mum had a cup-holder in her Bugaboo.

And The Other Mum had a Longchamp diaper bag (Le pliage Hobo bag, in off-white to match the pram).

The Other Mum looked always so fresh and stylish, so I wanted to steal some of her look. First, I bought the cup-holder. It was cheapest at, for 19€. Quite much for a cup-holder, but I reasoned that there would be a lot of use for it in summer with water bottle (there has!) and I saved with the delivery costs, when I ordered the footmuff at the same time.

You can also use the cup-holder for jumbo-size take-away drinks!

I guess I had talked about this quite a lot at home, because on Mothers Day, I got the Longchamp diaper bag from Herr Welle! But to reduce my happiness, he told me he had seen The Other Mum in the Kurhaus parking garage, and she had had a Porsche Cayenne as her shopping bag! And according to Herr Welle, I was not going to get similar for my birthday...

Both the cup-holder and the Longchamp bag came handy last summer in Italy.

I was quite happy for the situation and my paths did not cross that often with The Other Mum anymore.

But this week I saw her again.

And The Other Mum had a new Luis Vuitton bag!

I hope it is not too late to write to Santa Claus...


Wiffy said...

lol, I am the same way! I am always admiring other people and stealing their style :)

Frau Welle said...

Thanks for your comment, Wiffy! Good to know that I'm not alone... ;)

Great that you joined my blog! :D

shoegirl said...

Of course you're not! I too HAD to have the very same Longchamp after seeing it on all the fashionable ladies around town. ;)