Saturday, December 17, 2011

Attractions in Wiesbaden No. 5 - Nerotal

When talking about parks in Wiesbaden, the Kurpark is most likely to be mentioned. Yes, it is beautiful, but it is usually quite crowded, too.

You may not be looking for a quiet spot for sunbathing right now, but in case you would like to see something new on your Sunday walk, I suggest you visit Nerotal.

Nerotal is a park area in southwest Wiesbaden, just below Neroberg. It is surrounded with beautiful buildings and you can also find some art there.

The playground of Nerotal is great also for the smallest children (please see my Playground Review).

From the far end of the park, you can take the Nerobergbahn up to the Neroberg. Unfortunately, it is not in use on wintertime.

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Katri said...

Terkkuja Lohjalta räntäsateen keskeltä, tässä on päivä mennyt pikkujouluista toipuessa :) Kävin tsekkaamaamassa viimeisimmät päivitykset ja tutuilta näyttävät maisemat! Jostain kumman syystä vaan sun kuvasi samoista kohteista näyttävät hienommilta kuin omani :o ?!