Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deutsch Lernen

My German teacher brought me yesterday a German 'dictionary'. I thought this was a great book to introduce, especially to all mothers out there, who are learning German.

The book is a Hueber Bildwörterbuch. In this book you can find 1000 most important German words described as pictures. It is a great book to read with your child. While she or he is looking at the nice pictures, you can 'accidentally' learn new words!

When I was browsing through this book, I noticed I knew most of the words. So, this must mean that I know almost 1000 words in German!

But I have a great problem with the articles. It is not enough to know 1000 words, but to use the language properly, you must know if a noun is 'der', 'die' or 'das'. In most of the children's picture books, the article of the word is not shown. In this book, however, the articles as well as the plural form and the tenses of verbs are shown.

You can buy this book for example from Hugendubel for 14.95€.

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