Monday, December 19, 2011

Things I Would Not Have Found In My Handbag

As I will be traveling tomorrow, I decided to go through my handbag so that I wouldn't carry anything I don't need. Mostly I found some cookie crumbs from the bottom of the bag, but I also noticed that there were a lot of things that hadn't been there before.

So, here are the things I would not have found in my handbag a year and a half earlier:

  • a diaper and some wet wipes,
  • a Hello Kitty box/mirror,
  • small mittens,
  • a Winnie the Pooh Duplo,
  • a pacifier and a box for pacifiers,
  • a bag with rice cakes (yuck!) and cookies,
  • a parrot, and
  • a passport, let alone TWO passports.

Funny, how things change!

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