Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shopping Tip

In Wiesbaden, there is a shop called Finnart. Although the name refers to Finnish design, also other scandinavian design is sold there.

Unfortunately Finnart is closing at the end of this year. The sales have began and actually it is starting to be quite empty in the shop. Today, there were still some Marimekko clothes, some kitchen utensils, like a couple of Eva Solo carafes, and quite a good selection of jewelry.

But even if you are not looking for any of these items, you should visit Finnart and see the vanishing part of Scandinavian culture in Wiesbaden. If lucky, you can experience some intense discussions in Swedish between a couple of elegant ladies!

You can find Finnart in address An den Quellen 8, just opposite the Cuckoo Clock. So it is very conveniently located, in case you are looking for a place to warm up (externally, Glühwein can do it internally) while visiting the Christmas Market.

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