Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Side Effects

This really is efficient: I placed an order for Baby-Markt on Monday at 1:37pm and the products were delivered to our front door today (on Wednesday) at 12:49pm. So, now we have the potty and the scarf.

But ordering a lot of things online has some side effects: your DHL delivery guy gets to know you!

When we moved to Wiesbaden, I ordered quite many things for our unborn baby. The same DHL guy delivered all those products. He, naturally, noticed my big belly and always asked, when the baby was due. And now he always remembers to ask about the baby. Like today: "Ist das Baby gut? Schläft sie? Ist sie ein Jahr jetzt?"

At the beginning of our 'relationship', he asked where we came from. I told we were from Finland, but for some reason he remembered it wrong. Once he popped in at the same time as our Hebamme. Outside, he had asked the Hebamme, is she was coming to visit the family from Australia... Maybe he just thought we were from some faraway country ;)

Well, the next time he delivered something, he asked: "Finnland, ha? Eurovision? Kennen Sie dass?" At the same time he made some movements with his hands indicating playing the violin. I'm not sure what he meant, maybe he remembered that Lordi had won the Eurovision Song Contest a couple of year ago.

Since the first of our 'meetings', the same pattern has been repeated. Our last name brings to his mind a song by The Beatles. So, every time I open the door for him, he sings a part of that song and asks "The Beatles, ha, kennen Sie dass?". Then he asks something about the baby and leaves.

And I'm always left smiling. Partly because I have received some shopping. But partly because he is always in such a good mood. "The Beatles, ha?"

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