Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shopping of the Week

I have had some great opportunities to spend time with my favorite hobby this week.

Here is what I have bought (and saved) this week - online, of course.
Somehow these all seem to be for my daughter...

- Maxi Cosi PrioriFix car seat (discount 39%)
- Snowman pictures for window (free gift when ordering from myToys)
- Baby Björn potty (discount 15%)
- Spiegelburg scarf (no savings, but it was just so cute. And there were no delivery costs, as I bought it with the potty)
- Emile et Rose jacket + beret (discount 43%, see the link only for the look of the product. I actually bought it from Limango, but they only sell certain product for a couple of days, so the link wouldn't work for long)

And it is only Tuesday afternoon...

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