Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Cruel World of Shopping

This happened already a month ago, but I'm still so disappointed that I need to whine about this... :)

I have really fallen in love with online shopping, especially with children clothes (more about that later). But once in a while it is nice to go and finger real clothes and get new ideas. A lovely store Kinderplanet closed down in August, so I was thrilled to notice that another store opened right next door.

I was familiar with this store from my online shopping experiences, so I had quite high hopes for it. Royalkid has a wide range of lovely brands in their selection.

I went to visit this new store in order to find something nice for my daughter to wear in her first birthday party. As I stepped in, there was an eager lady welcoming us. I told her what I was looking for and her immediate reaction was 'We only sell clothes for children older that 3 years'. From the sound of her voice and her body language I was able to read that she expected us to leave the store. Then she took a look into the buggy and commented quite surprised 'She is very big!'. She stormed to the rack and took a dress to me saying 'This might be small enough for a two year old'.

I saw the price tag and politely asked if they had anything else than clothes. Then I noticed a bowl of beautiful Il Gufo hairpins. I was about to try one on my daughter, when the lady commented 'But she doesn´t even have any hair!'.

At this point, I had had enough and thought that she didn't want to sell us anything. Thinking to myself that Royalkid should stick with the online store, I went to H&M and bought a nice dress and a hairpin for the birthday party.
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