Friday, November 25, 2011

A Devoted Hausfrau (Or Not)

My husband loves the Kellogg's All Bran breakfast cereals and he used to eat those for breakfast daily when we still lived in Finland. They don't sell those regular ones in our local Rewe grocery store, but only ones with something with them, like apple. When the Finnish Fathers Day was approaching, I thought I would find him his favorite cereals.

On the Kellogg's web site, I found out that All Bran Flakes are sold in an Edeka store, which can be found in Sonnenberg part of Wiesbaden. On Friday before the Fathers Day, I drove with my daughter to Sonnenberg. But as it was early Friday evening, I couldn't find any place to park my car. After cruising around for twenty minutes, I gave up. (Not so devoted Hausfrau, I might add. If I were, I would have parked the car in the city center and walked the couple of kilometers to the store with my daughter in her push-chair.)

Yesterday I thought I would have another try. We drove back to Sonnenberg and found a place to park quite easily. We went into the Edeka store, which was right by the parking area. But it turned out to be a drink store, which - funnily enough - sold also pet food, but not any breakfast cereals.
Edeka Wein & Getränke (and pet food)
The well-hidden real Edeka store

After looking around the parking lot a bit more, I noticed the real Edeka. At this point, I should have known that there wouldn't be the right breakfast cereals in the store, not after all that trouble. And there wasn't. All I learnt was that All Bran Regular is totally different product from Dayvita All Bran Flakes... The first is what I was looking for, the latter what they had in the store. And if you are wondering about the difference: the latter has yoghurt flakes mixed with the regular ones. Those they sell in Germany. The plain flakes they don't.

So, I bought the yoghurt ones, even though I think they sell those in our local Rewe, too. If, and I emphasize the IF, I were a devoted Hausfrau, I would now open the box and separate the regular flakes from the yogurt flakes. But I guess I'm not and I'll do what I always do: go shopping online. But it isn't as easy as one could think. As the All Bran Regular isn't sold in Germany at all, they cannot be found in any online store, either. I only found them in one Swiss online store (because those are sold in Switzerland!), but they do not deliver abroad.

Yes, I know, I know, my husband has managed well without these breakfast cereals for over a year now (well, he eats those whenever he travels to Finland), so I guess he'll manage without them in future, too. But I must admit, this has become a bit of an obsession for me. And it is so difficult for me to admit that there is something I cannot (or it is much too expensive to) buy online!

Other things I haven't found in local stores and miss from Finland:
- Irish or British cider (please, tell me, if you know where to buy a bottle of Strongbow or any other brand in Wiesbaden!)
- Fazer chocolate
- Twinings Earl Grey Green Tea
- good, fresh fish
- frozen potato products other than French fries

and, like all Finns who live abroad, I must mention:
rye bread and
- salty liquorice

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