Monday, November 14, 2011

Attractions in Wiesbaden No. 2 - Fasanerie

We don't have a conventional zoo with all kinds of exotic animals here in Wiesbaden. But we do have Fasanerie, where you can find some 'normal' animals living in the woods instead of being displayed in small boxes.

Yesterday it was Father's Day in Finland, so let's pretend that we spent the day as a family in Fasanerie. (To be honest we visited the place already the week before and yesterday my daughter's dad, Herr Welle, was on a business trip in Asia. )

There is no entrance fee and the park is quite large, so it is a great place for spending the day outdoors. As the pens are spacious, some of the animals can be quite far. But on the other hand, the fences are relatively light, so if the animals feel like coming to meet you, you can get very close to them.

The main attractions of the park are the bears and the wolves, but as we visited the park just before closing time, they had already called it a day. The most exciting animals we met were the wild boars. One of them struck a pose for us...

...whereas some of the farm animals were less interested in showing their best angle (or maybe they did?).

In winter time, the Fasanerie is open until 5 pm. But already now it is getting a bit dark before the closing time, so it is better to visit the park earlier. On the other hand, you might get a different kind of experience, if you walk among the wild animals without seeing what is around you...

Our daughter seemed to enjoy the Fasanerie more than the Frankfurt zoo, which we visited a month ago. What a great Father's Day! ;)


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