Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Handy by Handed BY - Yet Another Reason to Shop Online

When we moved to Germany, we didn't have many baby-related things with us, so we had to start preparing for the baby's arrival as soon as we had moved in to our new apartment in Wiesbaden. One of the first things I purchased (from an online store, of course) was a Wickeltisch (changing table, a very German product, I've been told). The table was very simple (Geuther Clarissa), so I had to also get some baskets for storage. I do not like the normal Wickeltisch baskets, which are usually made of rattan (I have had my share of rattan furniture in my room when I was teenager). And I wanted to find some baskets which I could use in other purposes after there would be no need for the Wickeltisch.

From a baby product store KönigsKinder (located in Arcade passage in Wiesbaden) I found lovely baskets made of plastic stripes.  From the tags I learnt that the baskets were produced by Handed BY. They were handmade using recycled materials and making sure that the craftswomen are not exploited. However, I didn't buy these baskets right away. But then I walked into another store in Arcade, Tribeca (it has since moved to the same block with the Cuckoo Clock) and found the same baskets there with lower price. That was it, I had to buy those baskets. I got this one small in pink-grey-white, and three larger ones in white.

Now that the Wickeltisch is no longer in use, I have found other functions for the baskets. The biggest one served as storage for baby toys, but quite soon there were too many toys to fit into the basket. We now use it for our daughter's books.

To store all the toys, I went back to KönigsKinder for even bigger basket, which I had seen in their window. I brought home (yes, actually bought from a real store and brought home myself!) one with a lid and colors matching our living room decor. I thought the lid would be good in hiding the toys, although it is not rigid enough to pile these over each other in case we'll need more baskets for toys.

Yesterday, a couple of weeks after buying this latest basket, I noticed that the handprint shaped stamp is missing. After some Google search I realized that the basket isn't by Handed BY, but by another company called Blessing! But don't they look similar? It actually says 'Blessing's' on the tag, but I had thought it was the name of the product... No wonder I couldn't find this from any online stores, when I was looking for the lowest price!

At first, I was a bit disappointed, because I had kind of liked the idea of buying something that is ethically made and is environmentally friendly, like the Handed BY products. To be honest, I'm not usually into this 'save the world' stuff, but it is a great add-on, when you find something nice.

And the lesson here? You better do your shopping online, when you can peacefully find all the background information you need before the decision. Fortunately, my daughter does not seem to care about the brand of the basket - she still likes to climb inside to play with her toys.

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