Monday, November 7, 2011

Lunch at Schloss Biebrich

The weekend weather here in Wiesbaden was better than anyone could hope for: +17°C and sunny. And its November!

To celebrate the warm weekend we went to Schloss Biebrich for lunch. The palace (built in 1702) is located in the immediate vicinity of the Rhine, so the surroundings are very beautiful. I have heard that there should also be a five-star playground for kids in the Schloss park, but unfortunately we did not have time to explore that one.

In the Schloss restaurant we took a table from the courtyard, as it would be a crime to waste this kind of weather inside. For lunch were ordered Flammkuchen. The day's special was with Prosciutto, rucola and tomatoes. It tasted great, but it is difficult to say, was it because of the quality of the food or because it was so sunny and warm...

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