Sunday, November 13, 2011

Attractions in Wiesbaden No. 1 - The Cuckoo Clock

This really isn't The Number One Attraction in Wiesbaden, but I must start somewhere. And I have been told that when Dalai Lama was visiting Wiesbaden in August, his entourage stopped to admire this. So it must be worth introducing:

The (Once) Biggest Cuckoo Clock in the World

Even tough it says 'Die größte Kuckucksuhr der Welt' in the clock, it only held this name for a while after it was built in 1946 (source: But it still is the biggest 'of this type', whatever that means...

I would say that even greater sight is the souvenir store by which this clock is located. There are thousands of small souvenir and gift items by the windows and even more inside. Every time my mother walks pass the store, she says quite loudly 'ooh!'.

And you must not worry: if you are not coming to Wiesbaden anytime soon, you can always shop online:

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Frau Welle said...

My mother wants me to clarify this "ooh" comment:

In Finnish, saying "ooh" would mean something like "what beautiful things there are in the window!". And that is not what she says when passing the window of this cuckoo clock store. In Finnish, she would say "uh!", like "oh dear, how many hideous things there are in the window!"

I hope this clarification will save my mum's reputation ;)