Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Frau Welle's Blog Post #100

Five months has passed and this in my blog post number 100!
What an earth I have been writing about...

Nature in Wiesbaden five months ago...
...and today.

During this time, there has been quite many visitors in my blog, more than I could have ever imagined! I have already collected 57 flags to the map at the bottom of this page. And no, they are not all countries Herr Welle has visited... ;)

Some of you have become regular visitors, some of you just end up here once when you were searching something from the internet.

In Blogger, you can see what kind of key words people have used in Google when they have ended up to your blog.
Mostly the searches that lead to my blog are related to the attractions in Wiesbaden, expat life or some brand I have mentioned.

From all the photos in my blog,
this picture has received most hits in the Google Image search.

But there has also been some funny Google searches...

Like during the Finnish presidential election, quite many people ended up in *here*. I guess those who googled "sauli niinisto profile" or "finnish presidential election 2012" weren't actually looking for something like my review...

Some of the key words, which people have googled, have made me wonder what they were actually looking for:
   cayenne pram - Are you looking for a pram that fits into your Cayenne or a pram that matches well with the style?
   things found in handbag - Sorry, my handbag was probably a bit boring, but what did you expect to find?
   take a father welle baby - Okay...
   klaus welle daughter - No, I'm not related to Klaus Welle, in case you were wondering
   faru way 2011 - And this search led *here*
   german for i'm having a baby - I hope that wasn't an urgent search, because one could not find the answer from my blog
   i could use another reason - For what? I'm curious!

Fräulein's hair five months ago...
...and today.
But no matter how you have ended up in here, it is great that you have taken the time to check my blog - please, come to visit me again!

And I hope I'll keep you entertained for at least another 100 posts!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,Frau Welle

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fiona said...

Great update! I've never thought to check the image search...must try that! I especially like the Fraulein Welle hair update!! Good luck with the next 100 posts x